Using your phone for mindfulness

One part of mindfulness that I do at times have trouble with is the ability to put down my phone and disconnect, I am getting better and I am happy to do it every night. Some of my friends may laugh at that and think that I can never put down my phone, this is almost true. What I have been able to train myself to do is shut down the urge to constantly check email, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. etc.

In actual fact, your phone can be a great tool for practising mindfulness, for example:

  1. Practice resisting the urge to check your phones in meetings or when having a discussion with someone, for messages and emails, not only is it disrespectful not giving the person  100% of your attention, you aren’t fully present and may miss the nuances of communication and interaction between colleagues.
  2. Resist checking emails when you can’t tackle them. Sitting in traffic, in another meeting, lying in bed, on annual leave… these are all times when checking emails can increase your stress levels and take you away from the moment you are currently in as you may not be able to respond to the request in the email and you can become reactive and stressed. Make some boundaries and be flexible.
  3. Leave your phone in your handbag/tote/pocket and batch process emails, calls and messages. We live in a world where we feel pressure to be contactable at all times of the day and night. By batch processing calls and messages, it allows you to give up the ties to being contactable and lets you focus on the task at hand. Multitasking not is the favourable trait is used to be, whether man or woman, as the old argument goes. Being able to focus on one thing and do it exceptionally well can produce better results and reduce stress.
Added to the practice above of what to avoid, there are other awesome ways in which you can practice mindfulness using your phone and these come in the form of Apps. There are many around and plenty of articles on the net giving you there top 10, here are the few that I use. They are all for different parts of my life and I use them to help me keep calm and centrered and disconnect.
Smiling Mind
Smiling Mind is an Australian non for profit organisation directed at young people from the ages seven and up. When you sign up, you choose your age bracket as they tailor there programs to suit.
Simply Being
Simply Being is brought to us by Meditation Oasis, they have a couple of free Apps, this one you do have to pay for. I find the sound of the voice very sooting and I love the sounds in the background, rain is my favourite. You can personalise the meditations to 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes.  Sometimes only five minutes is all you have, or you may be starting out.
Rain, Rain
Rain, Rain is one of my favourites if you’re trying to get to sleep. I sue this one a lot, especially if I am travelling and I need to have another soothing noise to read or snooze on a plane, train or bus. There are so many options on the type of rain you want to hear including thunderstorms.
If its games you’re after to pass time and you want to build your brain, not overfeed it with Candy Crush, then Luminosity is the one for you. It has cognitive games that help you with different parts of your brain and can be a great time way to relax and keep calm while waiting in line, flying or chilling on the couch. This is an expensive one with a yearly subscription costing $59.99.

One thought on “Using your phone for mindfulness

  1. Great article Melanie! Another FREE app I found full of wonderful mindfulness meditations is called Insight Timer. Worth checking out! For me its also very important to switch off of an evening. We have a rule of “no phones in bed” and that helps a lot to stay present.

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