10 minutes of magic

Now that our household has changed, with the addition of our demanding but undeniably adorable baby, we have had to step up our organisational skills to keep things calm and peaceful. The act of removing clutter helps me stay calm and relaxed which in turn helps me care for my little one and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

This new approach starts the night before, so that when you awake in the morning, the day sets off at a calm and relaxing pace. Going to bed feeling confident about tomorrow’s plans and knowing the house is in order reduces the stress and allows for a more calm sleep, giving your mind some room to wander.


We were inspired to this through one of our favourite blogs, Becoming Minimalist. Joshua Becker has a wealth of knowledge on how to simplify your life to find happiness and we have used this to create a more mindful and in the moment mindset. Specifically we loved his blog post, 10 minutes to a clutter free morning.

We’ve modified this list to suit our home, and I encourage you to draw inspiration from this list or Joshua’s and make your own 10 minutes of magic each night and begin to claim back your mornings in a positive and relaxed way.

One of us has the timer and the other the list of things we need to address and we get to it, together. Its really important that the whole household participates, it takes a team to run a home, and when your kids are old enough, they can join in.

1. Put away work, gym and other shoes. I find shoes super messy and they can get out of control. Return them to the wardrobe or add them to the gym bag for tomorrow’s workout.

2. Recycle junk mail and sort letters. Its easy to let the catalogues pile up to ‘read later’. You can view them online so chuck them in the recycling and put your mail in an inbox, don’t leave it on the counter or on the kitchen bench.

3. Put away articles of clothing. Beware the ‘chairdrobe‘. Put clothes away in drawers or the wardrobe or put them in the laundry. Anything that is not being prepared to wear the very next day should be out of sight.

4. Store media and tech out of sight. We are trying to have a reduction in screen time right before bed so this should be easier, laptops, tablets, remote controls, hard drives, and computers bags should be packed and packed away. Then get out a book for a few pages of reading before slipping into blissful sleep.

5. Keys, coins, receipts. We put any coins banging around in our little one’s piggy bank, receipts that aren’t important get binned, we photograph and file the rest. You can even get in the habit of going through your wallet or purse at this step. And keys go in the key bowl.

6. Clear and clean all bathroom surfaces. As Joshua states in his list, this is the easiest one to do, if your bathroom is clutter free, just give it a quick wipe down to keep it sparkling clean as its where you’ll spend a lot of your time getting ready tomorrow morning.

7. Check calendars. This will be even more important when both of us will be at work. Checking tomorrow’s calendar helps to understand if you have any outlier meetings that are earlier or later than your normal working day. Also helps to plan for any meetings or appointments that will demand your special attention.

8. Last kitchen tidy. Any last items to be packed away, set the dishwasher to run, get out breakfast bowls and cutlery ready for the next morning. Its great to wake up to a clean kitchen to inspire health and wellness for the rest of the day.

9. Pack up play area and toys. Our little one’s play area is in our living room so its really important that at the end of the night we pack it up to avoid it spilling out and cluttering up the living area. It also helps avoid stepping on blocks in the middle of the night.

10. File paperwork. We aren’t perfect at staying on top of paperwork but if we spend one minute going through the inbox it keeps the pile small and keeps us up to date with bills, RSVPs and life in general.

Now off to bed and get ready to enjoy the start of a new day!


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